It's about cookies, naturally.

Traditional Confections
All cookies are sealed in air-tight, high-barrier plastic and tied with a cloth ribbon.  Gift boxes available for an additional charge.

~Price List~

Single cookies and Biscotti  $12/dozen

Sandwich cookies   $12/ half dozen

Lime Diamonds~ a lime brown sugar tea biscuit with macadamia nuts and a fresh organic lime zest glaze

Pinwheels~ Chocolate and vanilla swirled cookies in this old-fashioned favorite

Mocha Java~ Chocolate and coffee blended in a slightly chewy cookie with a crisp turbinado sugar coating and topped with a roasted, Fairly-Traded coffee bean

Chocolate-Hazelnut Palmier~ Puff pastry scrolled with chocolate hazelnut cream bursting with roasted hazelnuts

Orange-Almond Shortbread~ Organic orange zest paired with sliced almonds in this buttery shortbread, decorated with three almond slices.

Demerara Shortbread~ Buttery shortbread ringed in demerara sugar, a tea time classic.

Bourbon Pecan Shortbread~ Woodford Reserve bourbon blended with brown sugar in this unusual shortbread

Triple Ginger Biscotti~ Dried, fresh, and crystallized ginger are added to this pecan biscotti. Not necessarily for dunking but perfect with coffee, tea, or wine

Chocolate Almonds Biscotti~ Chocolate biscotti with whole almonds, perfect at tea time

Apricot Almond Biscotti~ Dried apricots and whole almonds in a buttery biscotti

Chocolate-Dipped Gingerbread Biscotti~ Crunchy gingerbread biscotti dipped in dark chocolate

Grapefruit~ Part of our Seasonal Fruit Basket collection, an unusual organic grapefruit scented shortbread with a fresh grapefruit zest glaze (our most requested cookie)

Blood Orange Zest Magic~ Organic lemons and limes flavor this unique shortbread topped with a fresh blood orange glaze

Rosemary with Crisp Lemon Sugar Glaze~ A savoury fresh rosemary cookie topped with a crisp lemon sugar glaze

Curry Pretzels~ Crisp savoury pretzel-shaped biscuits with a bit of a bite

Bleu Cheese Poppyseed~ Tart bleu cheese crackers ringed in blue poppy seeds

Fresh Rosemary Palmier~ Puff pastry scrolls stuffed with parmesan cheese and fresh rosemary

Cheddar Biscuits~ Mellow cheddar baked into a buttery tea biscuit

Hazelnut Shortbread~ Hazelnut shortbread thins sandwiched with chocolate hazelnut cream

Lemon-Ginger~ Fresh organic lemon butter cream sandwiched between two lemon-ginger wafers

Gypsy Creams~ Chocolate oat cookies with dark chocolate cream

Caramel Almond~ Hand-stirred, salted caramel sandwiched between toasted almond cookies
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